RIP Democracy. #‎Brexit‬ start killing you


brexitjust remember, how, not so far, Romania (and other east-European countries) got big criticism for racism and intolerance from west European countries.
well, ‪#‎Brexit‬ shows a fact: racism is everywhere.   And Romania is far away from acts of racism.
We are more tolerant like Occident.
I saw last year in Nederlands posters or banners : “Ga terug” (Go back).
Same last year i was invited to translate for a Romanian guy who wanna rent a house in Rotterdam and the owner of house stopped the car and send estate agent to tell us:
he don’t wanna rent to Romanians” but i considered just simple episodes.
now, in UK racism and hate grow up against Polish and Romanians. And not only.
Hitler must be happy: his seeds are not dead.
and is sad because his seeds growing up in Churchill’s country.
a country where democracy was reborn after a dark age.
A country who give to the world Magna Charta, John Locke, Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, Shakespeare, Beatles, Queen, Ian Dury or Ozzy.
The vote was expression of democracy and we must respect decision of British people.
but also, dont forget: Hitler won election in Germany 80 years ago. He conquer the power with help of people.
and his regime wasn’t democratic anymore !
because democracy is meaning, before all, tolerance.
where tolerance is missing is not democracy.

PS:  I am romanian. I was ashamed many times about that. But now, I can watch any English or dutch or french in his eyes and i will say him: I am better than you.