Aion se lanseaza in Europa si in America

Am primit email de la NcSoft:

Aion Has a Launch Date
Aion will be landing on store shelves in North America on September 22, 2009 and in Europe starting September 25, 2009! Preorder your game today to guarantee your copy on day one, get access to all the beta events, secure character and server preselection, and gain headstart access to the live game. Find out more about the exclusive preorder benefits at
More Aion Closed Beta Events
The next two Aion closed beta events are on the horizon. Soar into a closed beta event by entering one or both of these two upcoming weekends.
Third Closed Beta
Thursday, July 2, 2009, 8 pm GMT to Monday, July 6, 2009, 8 pm GMT
Asmodians, levels 1-20
The third beta event features the Asmodians. Asmodians are a fiercely loyal, brave, and hardy people who are not friendly to outsiders. Their skin is pale or dusky, and their eyes have adapted to low light by gaining an otherworldly glow. The feathers of ascended Asmodians are dark in color.
Customers who preorder are guaranteed access to all beta events, so if you haven’t done so, preorder today.

Fourth Closed Beta
Friday, July 17, 2009, 8 pm GMT to Monday, July 20, 2009, 8 pm GMT
Asmodians and Elyos, levels 1-25, and a first taste of the Abyss!
The fourth beta event features both the Asmodian and Elyos races and allows access up to level 25. For the first time, Aion players will get to experience the infamous Abyss, an unstable rift between the two shattered halves of Atreia where the center of the Tower of Eternity used to be. Get ready for a whole new MMO experience with PvPvE—epic battles with hundreds of Elyos and Asmodians fighting both each other and the AI-controlled Balaur!
Preorder today to guarantee your access to the fourth beta event. Once you have a beta serial code (or have preordered), log in to your NCsoft Master Account to activate your beta serial code and to start downloading Aion. We’re looking forward to seeing you this in Atreia.

Video Podcast Episode 1: The World and Lore
With Liv as your host, go behind the scenes at NCsoft West and hear about the world and lore of Aion from the people who are bringing you the game. Watch interviews, never-before-seen gameplay footage, and get a new perspective on the beauty and action in this year’s biggest MMO: Aion.

Aion este probabil unul din cele mai asteptate jocuri de la NCSOFT care l-a promis in urma cu cativa ani. Ultimul anunt spunea ca lansarea jocului va avea loc in priml trimestru al anului 2009 insa au lansat doar o varianta coreana iar europenii sau americanii nu au putut sa il joace. Sunt curios cati vor renunta la Lineage 2 pentru AION The Tower of eternity.


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